Predictions made easy ?
You bet !

PreSaga allows users to capitalise on their understanding of global events

2 ways users can earn using prediction markets

2 Ways Accurately

Accurately predicting outcomes on existing markets, through the purchase of market-specific YES or NO shares

2 Ways Collecting liquidity

Collecting liquidity provider fees, by adding liquidity in the form of LOCK to active markets

Key aspects

2 Ways Accurately

Two click trade interface

2 Ways Accurately

Seamless liquidity provider experience

2 Ways Accurately

LOCK exclusive markets

2 Ways Accurately

Fixed reward rate of 1 YES / NO : 100 LOCK across all markets

2 Ways Accurately

In-house built AMM from the most popular class ( Logarithmic Market Scoring Rule ) algorithmically ensuring share price

A decentralised and easy-to-use predictions markets protocol, welcoming both proficient and unseasoned DeFi users.

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